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    Re: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

    Thanks mrtn.

    As we are progressing through a campaign I struck on the idea that I should make a command stand for each General/Commander for the Royalists. I already had several individually based commanders so it wasn't that much extra work; just a few more figures to paint up to make up the command stands for our latest game ( a few pictures to follow). For the Battle of Glastonbury I needed Lord Hopton (my previous post) for my general and 5 other commanders.

    Col. Trevanion would be the Commander of Foot and lead the right division. John Trevanion served as the Member of Parliament for the boroughs of Grampound and Lostwithiel; he died not long after this battle at the siege of Bristol. Both of these figures- the Col. is a Perry, the ensign from Warlord- have made appearances either in regiments or as part of command stands previously:

    Leading the left division will be Col. William Godolphin. Like Trevanion he also sat as an MP in Parliament, however, unlike Trevanion he would live to see the end of the war, the rule of Cromwell and the restoration. Like the previous stand both these figures have featured before; the sergeant standing in as Sir Grenville in the previous battle. The Col. is from the Perry's mounted command staff pack and the Sergeant form Warlord Games' Pike and Shotte Command pack.

    The horse were divided into two brigades; the overall commander being Robert Dormer, Earl of Carnarvon. Carnarvon entered the war with some military experience, leading a cavalry regiment in the Bishop's Wars which he seemed to quickly build on. With the fall of Bristol he managed to secure the surrender of key towns in Dorset that still held out for Parliament on good terms; unfortunately, they were not honoured by the majority of the Royalist army under Prince Maurice and he resigned his position in protest and joined the King's army. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Newbury; he died shortly afterward at an inn at Newbury with the king at his side. The sergeant is not new (from Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Command pack) but both Carnarvon, from the previously mentioned Perrys' command staff pack, and the Warlord plastic firelock are new.

    Carnarvon's own brigade was led by Sir Humphrey Bennett. Not much is known about Bennett except that he did survive the war and became a justice of the peace after the restoration. He is from the Perry's Mounted Staff Command pack (though mounted on a plastic WG horse); his assistant is from Warlord Games plastic Cavalry set.

    The left wing was led by Prince Maurice, brother of Prince Rupert. Maurice started his military career in Holland at the age of 16, and served in the Swedish army at 20. He and Rupert joined their uncle King Charles in England in 1642 where he was assigned a regiment of cavaliers with the rank of colonel. He was given an independent command in 1643 handing Waller his first defeat at Ripple Field. Although very brave, his men had a reputation for unruly behaviour , occasionally brawling with the infantry, reportedly given to plunder. Like his brother, he was banished from England after the defeat of the Royalists, joined the Prince of Orange's army before turning to piracy and raiding commonwealth shipping in the seas around England, in the Mediterranean and the West Indies. The figure representing Maurice is from the Perry's Command Staff pack; he has been used once before as his older brother. He is joined by a cuirassier from WG's Wallenstein's Lifeguard pack.
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