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Thread: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

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    Re: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

    The Royalists get there cannon set up after it arrives from up the road, but has a couple of large foot regiments blocking it's path (middle of the frame). In the distance, Royalist horse make repeated charges against the enemy horse, each time they are repelled:

    The Royalists are finally able to array 3 full regiments to fire upon the enemy in the enclosure:

    However, they fail to do enough damage to drive them out (ie. never quite enough to force a Break test with sufficient negative modifiers);

    The final push for the Royalists; in the foreground, the blue coated Prince Maurice's and Col Buck's regiments target the enemy dragoons behind the wall:

    Alas that was it for the Royalists; Godolphin's foot (the regiment in the middle in the above photo) having taken the bulk of enemy fire, finally quit the field and Maurice's and Buck's foot promptly did the same (after taking just a few casualties as raw regiments are rather unpredictably fragile). With that both Royalist battalias were shaken and would not have been able to continue.

    In the actual battle the Royalists were victorious, driving the Parliamentarians back across the river Avon and capturing their two guns. The follow up scenario to this is Claverton Down but it is a theoretical battle as it assumes the Royalists press on after their victory to Claverton. Although they held the bridge at the river Avon and secured the village of Batheaston, nothing substantial followed except some skirmishing outside of Claverton.
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