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Thread: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

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    Re: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

    We played another English Civil War game this afternoon, the Battle of Stoke Lane. Not so much a battle as a skirmish, involving only approximately 450 individuals total. During the ECW a common type of raid was called 'beating up quarters' in which one side would attack an enemy outpost where it was billeted, preferably before or at dawn to catch them unawares. These raids were generally carried out by cavalry and mounted infantry (dragoons), usually against similarly equipped troops, with the intention of capturing horses, taking prisoners and sowing disorder.

    In late June of 1643, Sir Hopton quartered his army around Frome, ordering Sir James Hamilton to station his men at Beckington. Hamilton, for some reason chose to quarter his forces in the village of Stoke Lane, beyond Beckington and outside of the Royalist guards. Not only that, but Stoke Lane was closer to the enemy than it was to bulk of Hopton's forces. Waller's horse took advantage of this strategic error.

    We played this game outside in my buddy's back yard, with two players managing the Parliamentarians via Microsoft Team (hence the technical equipment in the background):

    The village of Stoke Lane from the south:

    The table featured the combined terrain of both our collections including the buildings and hedges in my terrain plog here.

    Waller's horse comes charging out of the north east, down Mill Lane:

    Sentries run through the village, trying to rouse the sleeping Royalists:

    As the Royalists rush to defend a barricade, Parliamentarian horse gallop past to capture the horses in paddocks:

    Others sweep around to the south, hoping to achieve the same:
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