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Thread: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

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    Re: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

    Although it took while, eventually the Royalists (on foot here) pull their gear on and charge out to chase the raiders away:

    On the south side of town, Royalist dragoons reach their mounts before the enemy- in the distance- can stop them:

    Other's are not so lucky as they are pinned in their lodgings before they are fully awake:

    Parliamentarian raiders charge down stoke lane into the mouth of musket fire:

    Confused, swirling melees break out as the attackers try to make off with horses and take prisoners whilst the defenders try to escape:

    Some are swamped with one foot in a stirrup:

    In the mayhem only two units make it off the table edge:

    The morning is a disaster for the Royalists as Hamilton is killed and only Lt.Col. Carre escapes, seen here evading the Parliamentarian horse while his foot screen his getaway:

    Aside from losing their commander, who paid for his blunder, the game played out pretty much exactly as the real battle. The Parliamentarians, who also lost their commander, made off with many standards and valuable prisoners who they would eventually exchange.

    The game was actually played between me (the Royalists) and two players who joined in via Microsoft teams; my buddies son (the one with the computer monitors in the background), coordinated everything online, managed the cameras and that sort of thing.
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