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The army is growing in leaps and bounds, nice work!
Thanks mrtn.

Those command stands were done in preparation for The Battle of Glastonbury which saw a parliamentarian force retiring with it's baggage, leaving a skeleton rearguard to delay the Royalist advance. Here my opponent Murdock lays down his defenders:

Prince Maurice's Regiment of Horse in the foreground with Col. Trevanion ready to give orders to a regiment of foot:

The Parliamentarian foot line the hedges opposite; all raw foot regiments, backed by horse that is a mix of trained and raw (the stones represent ditches that disorder horse) :

The impressive Royalist gun line:

The enemy attempts to keep them at bay:

The Royalists begin to win the musket battle:

Murdock removes the last few stands of infantry as the raw parliamentarian foot flees after just a few casualties. Their horse perform above expectation though, despite also taking numerous hits from musket fire refuse to budge, hemming in the infantry which in turn prevents the Royalists cavalry from breaking free and pursuing the baggage :

Unfotunately, just as headway was being made, time runs out on the Royalists and they are unable to meet their objective: