Thank you Colonel.

A new direction for me: the Old West.

A friend and I picked up a number of Old West figures from Brigade Games in the US a few months ago with an eye to getting some wild west skirmish games.

Each one is named after a character from song; the one above is Yavapai Pete, the one below Henry Waits Alone.

The figures are very well proportioned, quite realistically, as a result they are slender sculpts. The fella below is simple the stranger from the traditional cowboy song Zebra Dun:

The only downside to the figures is that quite a few are a bit hatchet faced; Little Joe is not one of those:

Quite a few have 'squinty eyes' which I found a bit of a challenge to paint, such as on Windy Bill below:

The only mini named a after a real person is Bob Fudge from the Ian Tyson song of the same name:

The backdrop for these photos is Perry Miniatures North American Store:

Very nice little kit, but quite thin styrene, similar to a scale model kit.

It really enjoyed painting and weathering it; the south western states can get blistering hot and it shows in the faded and peeling paint and white wash.