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Thread: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

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    Re: Codsticker's Historicals: Fun With Plastic!(and now metal)

    Thank IM.

    With some lovely spring weather that allowed us to game outside- and after a 10 month break- Murdock and I got together to fight another installment in our ECW Campaign in the south-west of England.

    The battle of Monkton Farleigh features a Parliamentarian force set up in an ambush position, anticipating a Royalist advance on the main Parliamentarian army to the east, across the river Avon at Claverton. Here the bulk of the Parliamentarian infantry are ensconced in a "walled wood", their cavalry in the distance:

    However, the Royalists have word of the ambush and have sent a reinforced body, to flush it out ahead of the main advance on Claverton. Here they are as they enter the field of battle, as scene from the hill of Monkton Farleigh:

    Although the large foot regiments of the Royalists find themselves a little slow on the advance, the horse of both sides fairly fly across the table at each other:

    Col. John Trevanion's regiment of foot leads the advance taking heavy fire from the rebels in the walled enclosure:

    Eventually the shooting takes it's toll on the regiment and it retires from the field, replaced by the recently arrived Goldophin's regiment of foot, which soon starts to feel the sting of the enemy's musket and cannon:
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