Ive been a hobbyist for many a year and I have a few armies that are playable and relatively well painted.

But recently, I seem to have had a shift in my attitude and approach to the game:

My main army is Ogres and I love them...Ive spent a lot of time and money building the army, painting it and I love playing with them, using differently themed and set up lists.

I also do vampires with an army I painted a few years back as well as Chaos Dwarves which are in a similar position.

But recently Ive enjoyed starting new armies as part of projects.

I recently started( 2 months agao) an O+G army (not painted any yet) as part of a store campaign and I now love playing the savage orc craziness!

And now Im about to begin a lizardmen army as part of a store "Tale of Many Gamers" campaign.

So it seems like Im getting as much fun out of chossing and starting new armies and painting new armies as I am playing games (which I still love)

Im even about to begin a 40K Iron Hands army purely as a painting project, thats how bad my project bug has gotten!!

So after all that waffle, the question is:

Does anyone else enjoy the process of starting, building and painting new armies as much as playing the game??

Thanks for your patience