Wow thats some crackin value, maybe GW should take a leaf out of reapers book. The $100 pledge gets you loads. I'm seriously tempted.

Nice work on your monsters eldritch. I think getting everything on similar bases really gives the models a sense of coherency. Your bats look great, i cant stand the models so mine didnt get too much attention with the brush, after seeing yours i feel like i should make more of an effort.

Ive been plodding through basecoating gobin archers and chaos marauders, treating myself to a bit of rat ogre here and there.

Finished sculpting some short corridor bits. I dont think i will make moulds of these just paint em up and use em and treat them as prototypes. Im waiting for clay to dry on a few more blank corridors and an objective room so i can get scraping and sculpting on those.
Heres a pic of the first bits.

Ive also made moulds of a few bits of dungeon decoration to use for the objective room. Im thinking it will be a mausoleum with steps towords the middle and a sarcophagus. I might add some wall sections too, give it a bit more intrest.