This is a diversion/distraction from my undead horde. Always really enjoyed warhammer quest, personally i think quest and necromunda were GWs finest hour, but this isnt the place to moan about profit over quality.

So i have been collecting a few intresting bits here and there to make up a reasonable horde of nasties. The horde so far includes old hero quest minis, a couple of early 80s GW bits, and some more modern stuff. All quite eclectic and following no particular theme (whick keeps the painting intresting).

All of the minis so far have been based on resin bases which im casting myself as i need them. These depict a dungeon floor and save making lots of tiles or sculpting a the same thing over and over.

Ive also made a couple of corridors those are ready to make a silicone mould so i can cast a few corridors. There a simple affair with sculpted tiles roughly 50mm square and 2x8 tiles long. all fairly detailed with cracked paving etc.

So thats where im up to, pics of painted stuff and other things to come.