Anyone here play Twilight Imperium?

I was thinking of setting a galaxy domination 40k campaign where all of the units in Twilight Imperium are representations of points and unit org slots.

if you have any idea what i am talking about and/or are interested in knowing more i would like to discuss ideas ...

Anyhow here is the first set of ideas....

Twilight Imperium Warhammer

Units Points Value Roster Org
Warsun 250 / 500 HQ + Elites
Fighter 50 / 100 Troops
Dreadnought 100 / 200 Heavy Support
Destroyer 100 / 200 Elites
Carrier 100 / 200 Troops w/Transport
Defense Station 100 / 200 Troops
Ground Armies 50 / 100 Troops
Space Dock 75 / 150 Heavy Support
Cruiser 75 / 150 Fast Attack

250 HQ
200 HQ
150 HQ
100 HQ

Un-Controlled Planets
Roll Random to fight random race and for random points that race has at its disposal, If an race is not available from the list then the planet is considered to have no forces to oppose with.

Roll Race Mission
1-2 = Tyranids Seek and Destroy
3-4 = Feral Orks Cleanse
5 = Necrons Tomb Raid
6 = Imperial Guard Secure and Control

Roll Points
1-2 250 / 500
3-4 500 / 1000
5-6 750 / 1500

Bonus Cards
+1 to combat rolls = +100 points to be allocated anywhere

If you have a dreadnought or warsun and that unit gets destroyed in combat, if you still win the mission, you may assume only one hit was taken rather than removing the unit as a casualty.

the first set of points are for quicker smaller point value combats so you get a healthy dose of both TI and WH