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Thread: Warhammer battle music / army specific theme music

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    Warhammer battle music / army specific theme music

    Music Inquiries across Warhammer army forums:
    Hello! I have been posting theme music inquiries for the past month in many forums:

    - My primary goal behind these inquiries is to find new music warhammer battle music / army specific themes.
    - My secondary goal is to find new artist to listen and find general RPG music.

    Warhammer Battle playlists on spotify

    So far I have made few Spotify playlists for this purpose. By no means they are complete and thats why I would like to have comments on choices made / suggestion for music to be added / removed.

    • General Battle Music
      • I plan to modify this list in two half. One for order and one for destruction. At this moment there is pretty much just every piece of music that fitted in some perspective as battle music.

    I have learned through these inquiries about some excellent artists that aren't so widely known (at least I haven't heard them ever), here are just few examples and I do hope to learn more!

    My main goal here at this topic at Warseer is to pump up even more suggestions / pump up suggestions to existing threads in other forums. I do hope that people just spam them in as think tank. No need to worry about "repost" just join the thread give your own examples what you like to listen while playing, while painting etc, better yet tell us all if you are one unknown artist doing great pieces of art!

    I added some playlist below in table format (unfortunately for some reason if I made table more than 44 rows long it just didn't post it and my browser only crashed... Only tried Chrome, and at this moment I wasn't so much troubleshooting mood, rather than just post them. (tried actually post two separate tables, but it still did crash.

    Anyway. here is a list of music that I have used with my playlist so far. Many of the artist / albums were suggested to me from forums above or they were directly linked to suggestions, since when some great OST was discovered I also browsed artist other music or via "people that listened to this listened to this" method. Most are from movie or game soundtracks. I have rated them with two different way. Quality and Quantity. In short quality varies from ok, good and excellent. Quantity varies from few / some / [blank] / many. There is also two different categories, FB battle and RPG (adventure / suspense and battle music). So if I though that this album had 1-2 excellent battle music I would put "few excellent" to FB battle colunm. I am no way near a professional music critic, but those columns only reflect my personal opinion on the matter and most likely will not meet same qualifications as other people see (for example Arcana)

    I planned to add links to albums, for example links to youtube or something else, but for now they are just listed.

    Change log on this thread

    - 8.10.2013 added Empire
    - 9.10.2013 added Bretonnia, modified theme playlist format
    - 13.10.2013 added Wood Elves
    - 14.10.2013 added gathering list of all the music
    - 22.10.2013 added more artist / albums to reserved threads.
    - 25.10.2013 Added beastmen, minor adjustments, changed welf main theme
    - 29.10.2013 Modified links
    - 12.11.2013 Added more music
    - 14.2.2014 Added new playlists and added more songs to existing lists
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