so, managed to get two games in today!

Firstly played against a Deathwing List:
5 Terminators (lightning claws)
5 Terminators (lightning claws)
6 Terminators (Assault Cannon)
6 Terminators (Assault Cannon)
6 Terminators (Plasma Cannon)

While most of the Terminators started in Reserve, a Unit Hiding on the Left, one on the right.
The sisters started with a solid firebase, ready to leap out toward the Relic

HERE's a pic of the relic made for my army by my opponent as Secret Santa; not sure how safe for work it is!

While the Deathwing advanced through the ruins, the first Exorcist destroyed a unit!
The other two didn't fare as well!

Turn 2 had the Deathwing drop onto the board; a unit behind each Exorcist!

Splitting fire with the heavy weapons, havoc was wrecked amongst the Sisters vehicles!

In return the Repentia were thrown out of their Rhino and began hunting the closest Terminators!

knowing the power of the Deathwing, the Battle Sisters headed toward the objective... Seraphim stalking the Assault Terminators hiding in the ruins...

The Deathwing, having totally the Exorcist Battery began their advance toward the sisters crowding the Relic