Hey everyone,

Since my previous log featured more models I no longer possessed than it did models I still do, I decided to let it go. I had a great time with it (it started in 2007) but it was time to close it.

Getting rid of my unwanted models is turning out to be a very liberating experience. With every sale I feel more inspired to do something with the models I want to keep, and it is a great feeling. I have really experienced a change in how I perceive this hobby and some of the things I had were only keeping me away from enjoying the hobby in the way I wanted to enjoy it, and they took up a lot of space too.

I will start this log with a couple of pictures already featured in my previous log, to show those that don't know me yet what I am currently working on. Some old favourites will also return to show some of the plans I have for the near future, and hopefully soon enough there will be some new material to show off.

Let's begin with my current joy, Dropzone Commander. Whilst I am more of a fantasy gamer than a science fiction one, Dropzone Commander has really stolen my heart. The game is easy to get to grips with, doesn't get bogged down in endless special rules, the models look great, the setting is very gritty, which I like, and it's really easy to get a game started, not in the least because of the model size. They fit in a small box!

Next up will be some in-game shots of Dropzone Commander, so you can get a feel of what the game looks like when played. We have bought the cardboard city set, which is a great way to get started with Dropzone Commander.