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Thread: WW2 Air Combat in 1/48 scale

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    WW2 Air Combat in 1/48 scale

    Edit- I’m going back through and replacing photos that no longer work because of photobucket. I don’t have them all so the continuity of this plog is somewhat less than it could be. Thanks for your patience-

    I recently became tired of the 40K grind and decided to branch out. After a few rounds of Dust, my usual gaming partner and I were inspired to tackle a large scale WW2 air combat project. I remembered seeing a Games day picture of Aeronautica Imperialis being played with 40k scale models and the rest has been a work in progress. Anybody familiar with that system will understand what I'm trying to accomplish here, but I am still adjusting the rules and stats as we get more games in.

    The aircraft so far- 1/48 scale by various companies. Paint in progress
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The difficult part of this project has been the flying stands. 7" square wood bases from a local hobby shop, drilled out and inserted 36" extruded acrylic rod (3/8 inch, or 1/4 inch), with a 1/4 inch rare earth magnet to hold the plane. The B-17 uses a larger base and 3/4 inch rod inserted into the fuselage. Direction of flight and firing arcs are marked in sharpie for now, I will probably paint them later. Speed and Altitude will be shown on numbered dials currently in the mail from Litko.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sample aircraft card. I've used historical data to make the planes stats unique, I can quickly create a card if I know max speed, service ceiling, unloaded weight, and armament.
    (Can’t find the original photo)

    And the one action shot I have of game play as seen from the B-17. You can just make out the Mitsubishi and Dornier fighters some 20 ft away! This was a bombing mission, with the target represented by a printed photo on the other side of the yard. You can also see the chart and dice table, with the maneuver cards spread out on the ground.
    (This one is lost too)

    Anyway thanks for reading this far, I'll be happy to answer any questions and I highly encourage trying something like this yourself if you need a new challenge!
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