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Thread: Sigur goes South - The American Civil War

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    Sigur goes South - The American Civil War

    Hullo, here's yet another historical plog. I did a full new one as this project warrants getting its own place rather than being chucked into the Little Histories collective plog.

    Codex: Confederaceh

    So what's this all about then? Early this year I had an amazing game of 28mm scale American Civil War stuffs. Hundreds of figures per side, huge, beautiful table. A real shame I didn't have my camera with me. Anyways, this was the first time I got into touch with wargaming the ACW. I have to admit that it did look really good. However, to be honest it's a period that never really grasped my attention and I'm still trying to work up a real enthusiastic interest in the conflict. No all that dashing uniforms, no all that exotic formations, hardly any proper cavalry, one side seemingly overwhelmingly superior in morality, manpower, equipment and infrastructure. Have I mentioned that I'll collect a Confederate army? All that being said, I'm reading stuff, researching stuff and so on. Things are starting to get more interesting.

    Throwing Rocks

    Why did I start the whole project then? Well, a bunch of the local historical wargaming guys are getting something ACW set up in 28mm. There is an overabundance of Union troops around already so the rebels needed some support which is where I came into play. And it's not like I'd turn down an opportunity to buy new toys.

    The rules sets of choice will be Foundry's Bull Run to Gettysburg and the recently released Longstreet by Sam Mustafa. The first one we used with the one ACW game I had and it works rather well. Longstreet I haven't even glanced at so far but the rulebook is on the way. I haven't read any reviews yet so I can make up my own mind while reading the rules but as far as I know the ruleset has been hailed as being tip top. Very much looking forward to getting the book.

    The arrival of the first slew of models also helped the enthusiasm for the whole project a fair amount:

    Of course I'm going with the Perry plastics because if you get the option you got with Perrys. Unless it's Napoleonics, in that case Victrix are worth a look of course. Anyway, I got two boxes of their generic ACW infantry and two boxes of their ACW cavalry, starting out slow for starters. I got those rather cheaply second-hand which is nice. That's also the reason why I went for the generic ACW infantry rather than the Confederate infantry box. Dismounted cavalry I'll look if I can convert from plastics or I'll just get the Perry metals for that. Speaking of metals, commanders and maybe some unit command figures I'll get from the perrys as well and hope for the plastic ACW artillery to be released soon. Last I know of that box is that it's in tooling but there is no release date yet. I'm hoping for "before Christmas".

    So the models arrived yesterday and as a person I have NO restraint what so ever I immediately put together two units of infantry for Bull Run to Gettysburg. Here's the current state of affairs:

    I planned to use my initial impetus for painting very rag-tag looking regiment (every unit will represent a different regiment I thought) so that's the first unit I'll do. In the back you can see a more orderly and uniform bunch I prepared already. Hope you like them so far. It's a bit problematic that I get a bit less than two units out of each box of generic ACW infantry so maybe from the second box I'll build one more unit, then get a box of Confederate infantry and mix and match three units out of that and the remaining figures from the generic boxes. I've been discouraged to go for mixing the ACW infantry box and Confederates infantry box models but I guess I can't resist getting one box of Confederate infantry, just for testing. Oh, and I'll need Zouaves.

    So yup, that's the plan. I hope to finish the first unit this weekend, stay tuned! Oh, and let me know if there's a specific unit you'd like to see in this army or if you have any info on interesting formations or something in the Confederate army. Thanks and see you soon!

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