Hey all I joined Warseer last week after years of lurking.

After reading through quite a few threads in regards to Warmaster, it tantalized my old fondness for the game and in particular, Dwarfs.
Yet after checking up on the GW site and seeing the miniatures range being completely removed. I've decided I would have a go of sculpting a few ranks of Dwarf warriors from scratch.
I've been sculpting only practically a year now and really picking up the pace with my attentions to detail. I have currently been focusing on a 15mm scale 40k set of minis, Space marines& Orks, after moving down from 28mm scale.

Now feeling ready to try out 10mm and wondering if anyone else has started a similar project? If so, please share your thoughts and ideas.
One favour I would ask of anybody willing to help - can anybody provide the exact height of a Dwarf warrior, High Elf spearmen from base of feet to top of head/helm in mm? A pic (If possible) would be more useful measured up next to an appropriate ruler.

In the meantime, I'll be starting rough mock-ups for some Dwarf warriors and see how that goes..