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    40k virtual truescale (3D) - Samarsk Uprising

    Greetings fellow Imperials, Heretics, Aliens and Warpbeeings,
    I'd like to present you my attempt at the "truest" of true scale logs.

    The original Name of this thread was Suspension of disbelief suspended 3D
    Now the project name is Samarsk Uprising - a chaos uprising in 544.M41 on the mining world Samarsk. The involved forces are chaos renegades, imperial guard - and the PDF who are caught in the middle of it.
    More on the background story as soon as it is developed more thoroughly.

    What is this project?
    This project started out as my humble attempt at displaying the 40k Universe how it really could be if one was to put everything in real scale 1:1. As it's not very space and time efficient to do it in reality however, i'm going to make do with virtual models. Ever wanted to see if 12 Imperial Guardsman would actually fit into a chimera, how big a real bolter would have to be? (Sorry for hitting on popular pet-peeves) I'm planning on answering all that and more. I know this sounds quite dramatic, but it's not taken light hearted. I'm researching available fluff, come up with the best compromise between fluff accuracy, realism and official artwork. Then i build the 3D model. I'm a mech. engineer, so you can expect me to take this realism thing serious :chrome:. But only where it makes sense. All the magic that cannot be explained at all will be left untouched for obvious reasons. And i still want to keep the general look of the 40k Tabletop models like we know and love them.

    It is still an artists rendition of course. If the official artwork would be a "guess", this would be an "educated guess". feel free to disagree with everything or just parts of it
    My claim is, that most things in the Imperium can actually be explained hence the title. No need for suspension of disbelief if you can reasonably explain it.

    Why make loads of 3D models just to make an image or two of them? ... seems wastefull. What i'd love to do is to be inside the setting of 40k, play a role in it, just like if you where in one of Dan Abnett's Novels for example. This is why my end goal is to bring it to life in a game engine. ATM i'm developing it as modification for Arma 3.

    As of now (5+ years into the project), i'm trying to recruit a team of volunteers, to speed up the creation process (otherwise the first release might be in the year 40.000...). So if you think you can contribute in any way or know anyone interested, feel free to contact me (preferably on our discord channel). This entire project is , of course, completely non-commmercial.

    What you can expect from this log?

    Apart from shiny pictures i will write down my thoughts about why and how the model ended up like that, speaking about differences to the tabletopmodel, etc. Sometimes i will just put some WIP updates uncommented though.

    Feedback is, of course, always appreciated. Feel free to comment on the pictures, share/discuss your thoughts about the "science" part.

    You can also join our discord channel, and check out the entry on Moddb

    Last recent impression in motion (2017):

    Log Progress:

    20.12.13 hello world
    25.12.13 Vehicle WIP's
    08.01.14 Tank Scale and Helmet
    11.01.14 First Trial at Marine Scale
    13.01.14 Tank Gunmounts
    03.02.14 Damage and Stuff
    06.04.14 Tank Techlevel, Weapon Effectiveness
    04.05.14 Hydra
    30.06.14 Chimera Details
    07.07.14 Painted Chimera
    03.08.14 Chimera Test Videos
    14.08.14 Autogun Renders and Leman Russ Turret Progress
    21.08.14 Chimera Passenger Interior and LR Turret
    31.08.14 Hydra Animation Test Video
    23.09.14 Secondary Weapons and Thunderbolt Scale+Video
    28.09.14 Thunderbolt Cockpit and Weapons
    25.11.14 Heavy Stubberness
    30.11.14 Talking Artillery, Basilisk WIP
    09.02.15 New Macharius Render
    16.02.15 Thunderbolt Cockpit Test Video
    19.04.15 Cadian Missile Launcher
    23.04.15 Leman Russ Interior Structure
    11.05.15 Cockpitupdate, Baneblade and Lasgun
    14.06.15 Rebreather Mask and finished Hydra Model
    25.06.15 Stygies Hydra in color + unsanctioned upgrade
    01.06.15 First Finished Uniform Tidbits
    05.07.15 Lasgun Texture
    14.07.15 Vanquisher Turret & Lasgun w. Bayonett
    09.08.15 Finished Missile Launcher
    21.09.15 WIP Update for Thunderbolt Cockpit
    27.09.15 Finished Pintle Heavy Stubber
    10.10.15 Secondary Weapons
    17.10.15 Finished Leman Russ Demolisher + Ordonance Sizechart
    25.10.15 Basilisk and Trojan WIP
    18.11.15 Lasgun (Carbine) with Skeletonstock
    21.11.15 Lasgun and Helmet Decals, Vox Caster
    05.12.15 Macharius Hull+Turret WIP
    21.12.15 Baneblade Interior Layout and Background Details
    22.12.15 Macharius Hull Update + Vanquisher
    01.01.16 Firework device
    10.01.16 Macharius Tracks
    15.01.16 Groundvehicle Instruments
    25.02.16 Combat Webbing / Valkyrie Start
    27.05.16 Basilisk, Salamander and Valkyrie Progress
    11.07.16 Lasgun bits, old-new Pistols (WIP)
    11.07.16 Chimera Passenger Compartment, Griffon and other WIP
    07.12.16 Warseer Reborn? You have a lot to catch up to
    09.12.16 Custom helmet and vehicle vox set
    22.01.17 Grenadelauncher and human sized Bolter WIP
    17.05.17 Pictfeed with sneakpeak of new damage system and other stuff
    29.05.17 Brick and Mortar
    10.08.17 Long update video, Mod announcement, looking for support
    30.10.17 Notes on fortifications and artillery
    12.11.17 Renegade Uniform WIP
    05.12.17 Textured Basic Infantry Kit
    24.12.17 Brick and Mortar Part 2
    28.01.18 Heavy Stubber WIP
    09.06.18 Still alive
    05.07.18 Artillery System Demo (video)
    30.05.19 Catching up: Fortifications, Stubber, Bridge test, Track test
    31.05.19 Gasmask, Centaur redesign
    05.09.19 Fortification Experiments
    15.09.19 Fortified Watchtower
    20.09.19 New Uniform texture
    25.11.19 Centaur almost done
    21.06.19 Rebell Helmet, Plasmagun WIP
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