So for the last 15+ years I've been playing Game Workshop games, starting initially with 40k. I've been lurking these forums since the days of Portent, and never really posted. But, I've recently got a second wind with wargaming playing Epic (yes Epic!) and thought I'd share some of my armies. Volrath's Contingent is a my vampire counts army I created during a local 'tail of many gamers' we ran a few years back here in Los Angeles. I've got models for Lizardmen, but haven't gotten around to painting them up. So this plog will serve to document all things fantasy from here on out...hope you guys/gals enjoy.

Please do leave feedback, great to hear from fellow gamers and hobbyists. Mostly likely wont have tons of new content after this initial drop (as I'll be focusing on my Epic minis) but subscribe, rate, and you can check in from time to time. Also check out my personal hobby blog for all my stuff in one place. Cheers!


Here's the dude himself