Hey all, I am looking to add an allied detachment to my guard. I want to add a Space Marine Chapter, was looking for some advice.

I generally run 2k lists with my gaming group. My guard part of the list would generally consist of;

Primaris Psyker w/10 man Psyker Squad in a Chimera
2 Veteran Squads, Demolitions, 3 plasma, in Vendettas
1 Veteran Squad, Demolitions, 3 melta, in Chimera
2-3 Leman Russ, various builds, generally I use exterminators and executioners

I was looking at a couple options for Marines, let me know what you suggest

Iron Hands - Raukaan
Master of the Forge on Bike, Gorgon's Chain, Tempered Helm, Power Axe
10 Sniper Scouts, Missile Launcher
3-4 Centurions (depending on points), Grav Canons, Omniscope

-Master of the Forge can offer some solid support for the armour in the army, as well as the tempered helm boosting the shooting of the centurions if they need it. With the bike and Gorgon's Chain he'd be very hard to kill, so running him solo would probably work out fine. Boost the terrain of either the centurions or the sniper scouts.

White Scars
Chapter Master on Bike, not sure what build yet
5 man bike squad
Storm Raven, hurricane bolters, TL lascanon, TL multi melta

-A more assault option to add some CC support to my guard. Storm Raven will add even more additional flying support, and if one of the Vendetta's go down it can still pick up 1 of the vet squads.