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Thread: the artillery school of nuln

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    the artillery school of nuln

    I was reading the empire book and the hearldry empire book and i thought about to represent it. Not much as a list for an army than as an iconic representation of the artillery school in nuln p (30 of the heraldy book). of course army, list can be included.
    so there is what i find to be iconic of it.

    Lord: none not even a named one. sad.

    heroes: master engineer.


    special pistoleer/ outriders/great canon/ mortar

    rare: hellblaster / hellstorm/ steam tank

    So the rare and special are all well covered but the core and heores are very poor with only one choice each. Howto fix that? how do you imagine to represent an army from the school of Nuln? I m thinking if the old rule for using giant with empire were still in use to have one like the city of midenhem have a giant to load the giant gun of the city as described in tempest of chaos.

    but the rest?

    empire general with : handgun and pistol ?
    sorcerer lords of the metal lore ?

    i m lacking idea for the core.
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