With the introduction of Escalation and Apocalypse into the normal 40k universe, as well as GW's seeming desire to increase model size, I was looking around my house to see how I could expand my own 40k universe. I do not have the funds to buy a Warhound or Revenant Titan and some of the new plastics don't seem to catch my fancy, yet, I do have a powerfully built Dyson vacuum that I think could find a place in the 40k universe. It does bear some resemblance to recent Space Marine architecture.

Obviously it has the potential for both suck and blow attacks, much like the Doom of Malan'tai, or a unit that is subject to the suck attack has to make a STR test or be dragged 3d6 inches towards the Dyson, and if they make their STR test they are pinned the following turn as the unit had to exert so much effort to hold their ground. When the unit is dragged forward, if it comes in contact with the hose, it sustains a further 2d6 str 5 attacks, with no armor saves, models are simply removed from play.

However, after using a successful Suck or Blow attack, the Dyson needs to take an INT check, if it fails, the Suck attack becomes a Flailing Hose attack- roll the scatter die to where the hose lands, place 4 Apocalypse blast markers over this area and every model under sustains a Str 10 D wound. Furthermore, each failed INT check reduces the strength of future Suck attacks as the vacuum becomes clogged and loses power.

I think it could also incorporate a "fall over" attack much like the Warhammer giant, except any model fully under the Dyson is removed from play. Superheavies and MCs however would sustain D6 wounds/hull points in damage to represent the fact that more than likely the whole model would not be doomed, but rather apendages/weapon mounts would be torn from their housings. I would think that MCs would be pinned the following round, while even Superheavies could be immobilized. Each time the Dyson loses a structure point, there is a possibility that it falls over. If a Mawloc burrows underneath the Dyson, it will tip the vacuum in a random direction- woe to the unit(s) that bear its wrath.

Anyhow, I would like some feedback from the general community to ensure the model is play tested properly, and creates the cinematic feel I am looking for.