If you could design an official, tabletop worthy chapter of the Emperor's finest, what kind of chapter would it be? By this I mean what would be its Chapter Tactics, what kind of FOC-choices would you have, what kind of weaponry and relics would your chapter have at its disposal? What kind of special rules would your units have and what kind of heroes would lead your army to battle?

For example, I would make assault squads troop choices (like Blood Angels) as I just happen to like close combat mayhem. I'd take Ravenwing and Deathwing from Dark Angels and use them as a combination. Maybe ditch the Inner Circle rule from the terminators to get a little leeway with other special rule manipulations. Because of the Combiwing, one of my leaders would be Sammael or somebody very close to him. Another would be a terminator captain. Not Belial, I'm not a big fan, somebody closer to Darnath Lysander of the Imperial Fists. Hard-hitting, tough son of a ***** that could be thrown in with Deathwing Knights and make stuff disappear from the board.

Vehiclewise I wouldn't make all too many changes to the regular marine options. The only exception would be to beef up the Dreadnoughts. Get some variants like the Furioso and the Librarian in there just so I can have the freedom of choice.

Maybe include Death Company. Definitely keep Legion of the Damned. Not really interested in Centurions, wouldn't mind if I had to discard them in favor of getting what I really want into the army choices. Sanguinary priests and brother Corbulo also kick ass. More leaders would be some overall commander that gives some sweet buffs for the entire army and units around him, haven't thought this through so can't give any details. Mephiston or someone very similar. Maybe Interrogator-Chaplains from Dark Angels, love the models.

One of my Chapter Tactics would be Strike From the Shadows, a Raven Guard CT that gives Scout and Stealth to all non-bulky units. The other one would probably be a melee buff like the Red Thirst that Blood Angels have.