Hi, everyone. I know some of you are like me, and have a particular army that you love and will always have, no matter what. An army you will never, ever get rid of, and will always collect and paint models for, even when the latest codex for that army is the worst ever (a bit of a poke at all the sudden Tyranid hate out there at the moment... lol...). I'll start with my two favorites:

Tyranids are my main favorite. I really like the storyline behind them, sort of like space-faring locusts on crack who make the Borg (from Star Trek) look like girl scouts by comparison. And I really love the models - they are easy to assemble, easy to paint to a good standard, and look just plain awesome.

My second favorite is my Crimson Fists Space Marines. Yeah, I know, just about everyone probably has Space Marines of one type or another. But I like their story of a heroic Chapter stubbornly refusing to die out, and tenaciously rebuilding from being nearly wiped out. Their color scheme looks good and is easy to paint. Some of the newer Space Marine models are really cool, too, like the Stalker/Hunter, Storm Raven and Stormtalon. But I am still a bit undecided about whether or not I like the new Centurions.