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Thread: the servants of decay traitor guardsmen and daemons

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    the servants of decay traitor guardsmen and daemons

    Im back with another plog for my 1st love-Nurgle traitors and daemons. Both armies are huge and im hoping to keep motivated by doing this log and regular weekly updating.

    1st heres the obligatory paint space shot :P

    Background/theme (will add to this as i go)
    Tzeentch has great plans for the citizens of Kaskad and has sent his greatest creation to fulfill his orders. Whether the citizens of kaskad are happy with their planned future is of no concern to fateweaver. A large warprift is growing deep within one of the manufactorums on the planets surface slowly spawning daemons straight into the city. Other gods have taken notice of tzeentchs twisted schemes and havent been idle in sending their own pawns onto the planet. Kaskad better be ready for the greatest threat it has ever faced.

    Fateweaver has managed to trick the servants of nurgle into helping him besiege the citys hives.Daemon lord Scabiethrax breaks through the warp into reality bringing hundreds of daemons with him. Plague,pestilence and decay begins running rife through the hive causing hundreds of casualties before the war has even properly begun .Fateweaver watches from afar as Scabiethrax begins battering his way through the hives wall using his massive bulk. Terrified imperial citizens begin mustering their forces for war and preparing for a nightmare made real. Little do they know that a great threat is already forming deep within the hives in the makeshift morgues as the diseased bodies slowly begin moving and twitching....

    Not only do the citizens of kaskad have to worry about the threats right under their feet,a new threat is looming over them. Mamon the beast of Vraks has his eyes set upon the system and with his renegades and demons bolstering Fateweavers armies chaos is sure to be triumphant.

    And heres whas to come....

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