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Thread: Rivendell Knights and Shields

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    Rivendell Knights and Shields

    So the rules for shields state that a model with a bow can use them to shield, but do not receive a defense bonus, and that mounted models receive a defense bonus but cannot use the rules for shielding.

    Rivendell knights have both a bow and a mount. At the same time they can purchase shields for +1 point a model. Why is this an option when the only time they can ever use a shield is if they get dismounted, and even then only receive partial benefit.

    Online, most discussions and army lists I see say to give them shields, and even list them as defense six.

    What is going on here? Am I missing something, or is everyone else missing something, including the guy who wrote the profile for them.

    Is there errata somewhere saying they replace their bows with shields? I rule allowing them to drop their bows? Some exception to the rules I didn't notice, or what?


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    Re: Rivendell Knights and Shields

    Rivendell Knights have the "Expert Rider" special rule which allows them to keep the defence bonus from the shields even though they are carrying bows. However, they lose the defence when the dismount, but then they can use shielding. Personally I think any way to get defence 6 instead of 5 is good because most normal soldiers have strength 3 and against such enemies you double your chance of surviving

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    Re: Rivendell Knights and Shields

    Thanks! I knew it had to be something like that, I just never thought that expert rider would modify a characters ability to use a shield!

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