OK so me and another chap from my LGC played a couple of Kill Team games the other day, in both games neither player knew the mission and we didn't know what our opponent was brining.

I played a Dark Eldar Scourge KT and he had a tac & assault marine combo KT. For both missions it became clear quite quickly that my opponent had the edge, how could I compete with that many marines and assault chappies to boot, reducing my speedy-winged movement advantage.

Anyway, both games were still fun and while I won the first game, just (the game ended right in time for me), the second game was a massacre with no DE left by turn 3! As I say though twas still fun with banter flying across the board.

All this got me thinking about the missions and whether it would be better to have numbers or elites... Then it struck me, if you want elite KT's kicking the snot out of each other then probably the various free downloads are better suited to deliver this; don't get me wrong, I think the simplicity and speed of GWs KT booklet still works, its just a case of flavour and detail.

But...what if we envisaged GW's KT booklet as more of a chance for 'standard' infantry squads to kick the snot out of each other? Here I'm thinking of those short stories in rulebooks and whatnot where you have a Kroot carnivore pack hunting down an Imperial Guard squad, or perhaps you want to recreate a mini(ish) version of Battle on the Farm (from the Rogue Trader rulebook).

This then got me thinking about classic smack downs from artwork, stories and battle shots...here's some ideas:

Atlantioc Eldar Guardians vs. Blood Angel Tactical Marines
Imperial Guard Squad vs. Kroot Carnivore Pack
Crimson Fist Tactical Squad vs. Ork Boyz
Imperial Guard Catachan Squad vs. Termagaunts
Space Wolf Grey Hunters (or Blood Claws) vs. Tyranid Warriors

I think it could be fun with the specialist rules adding a sense of character to a few members of the squad; "Brother Jago is the best shot in the squad".

It could be an interesting way of proving who had the best standard troopers!

You could give it a Combat Patrol edge so each player has to take a transport, at least for some missions.

What y'll think?