In one of the N&R threads about the rumoured changes to WHF, the following idea came up:

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Maximum rank bonus = (Points value of game)/1000

Job done.
So for example, in a game of 3000 points, you would get no higher rank bonus than 3, but when playing with 1000 points, it would be capped at 1.

The question is: does that indeed make WHF a better "scalable" game? One of the biggest issues of the game right now is: you need at least 1500-2000 points for a "proper" game, with the usual standard game size being much higher, at about 2400 to 3000 points. For a beginner that often is downright scary, and since playing WHF at very small point levels is almost pointless, many get "lost" on their way to an actual army. As pointed out over there, my opinion is this:

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If they want to re-work WHF into something that appeals to beginners and veterans alike, they have to make it playable at small and big point levels. A game of two 20er-blocks plus a chara and a warmachine should be interesting, as should be a game you would currently have at about 3000-4000 points. The latter has always been one of those goals you were inspired by, and one of the trademarks of WHF: huge armies of shiny models. But without a way to play the game on the way towards that goal, a lot of people get lost - and that is one of the biggest issues of the current WHF. To make Warhammer shine again, GW has to find a way to solve this. That rumour of a "small-scale WHF" might be just that.
So to return to the opening idea: is this a good one to solve that issue? Is there maybe somebody who has actually played with it as a houserule and tell about the experiences made? Or are there other things that people have tried? I'm really curious to hear about it.