Welcome all to the beginning of my Dawi Project log!

In this log, I will be posting my progress and some fluff about my dwarf throng.

Today being the 8th of February, we saw the release of the new Hammerers and Long Beards dual kit by GW, along with a new Plastic Slayer and Belegar Ironhammer. Now I have not played Warhammer Fantasy Battles in a few years but have kept my eye on their range of minis, and was very happily surprised when they announced ( finally ) a new book and minis for the Dawi. So I decided to take this chance to get back into the swing of things with the hobby and advanced ordered them.

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As you can see in the picture above, I picked up 3 boxes of the Hammerers/Long Beards, 2 Belegar ( one to run as him if I so desire and one to convert ) and one of the new Dragon Slayer. I decided to pick up 3 boxes to build one as each option in the box, so 1 unit of 10 Hammers, 1 as 10 Long Beards with Great Axes, and 1 as Long Beards with Hand Weapon and Shield. I plan to convert one of the two Belegar models into my Dwarf King ( and my forum namesake ) Durin Grimanvil.

Now my Dawi are made up mostly of the remaining dwarfs from Glankrak Naljak or "The lost fortress of Honorhold". Now I know it does not sound very Warhammer Dwarfy in name, but that is because I don't know how Honorhold would translate into Khazalid. I used the naming system out of the D&D 3.5 edition Races of Stone book. But I would love to know how to say it in Khazalid.

Well that is all for this evening, spent most of it cleaning up my work area so I can start working on my Dawi tomorrow after work. I will post an update and some fluff as I get things rolling.

P.S. - Sorry if my picture quality is not that great, I am taking my photos with my iPhone.