Well I've had 3 games with the bugs now at 1850 points against one of my regular gaming friend and I must admit

I'm happy
Yes you read that right, happy! I've had 2 wins and a loss. Previously using the last codex I had never won a game, don't think I even came close to a draw. The new codex has been a godsend I'm a happy BUGger :-)
My list is also using models that people have poo pooed as not worth it and not using some units that everyone seems to use.
My list is:
Prime with bonesword
3 basic carnifex
2x3 biovores
2 venomthropes
4x3 warriors with devourers and a barbed strangler
22 termagants with fleshborers
23 termagants with fleshborers
5 shrikes with 4 boneswords and 1 rending claws
15 gargoyles

Anyone else had success with the bugs?