With the summer comming up, we've got some 3000+ points battles lined up around here.

Now, I plan on taking a Mordor War Catapult and a Siege Bow for our next battle, but I fear our opponents may forsee this and bring a Trebuchet of their own.

Does Evil stand any chance at all in a siege duel?

In the last fights, they always brought just Avenger Bolt Throwers, saying the Trebuchet wasn't all that impressive against infantry.

I figure a Catapult and a Siege Bow would come in very handy to blow away those tightly packed Warriors of Minas Tirith and High Elves. But from what I understand, a single hit from a Trebuchet can very easily destroy either of them.

Any suggestions? I thought of Grima, but than realised you don't scatter when shooting at Siege Targets. Another solution would be to screen it from sight with Trolls, but that seems like an expensive solution points-wise.