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Thread: Has anyone noticed... (re: Imp Knight/New Rules)

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    Has anyone noticed... (re: Imp Knight/New Rules)

    I did not know which topic to add this to or ask it in as there are quite a few places it could have gone. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed that the Imperial Knights both have Relentless in their special rules? Is this being discussed somewhere already?

    I am most keen in what this may mean for the rumored up coming 7th/6.1 ed.
    Does this mean vehicles are loosing Relentless as a default?
    If so, I am going to assume most vehicles will be FAQed or listed in the back of the BR as having Relentless.

    So assuming it is true that it will be possible to have a vehicle with out relentless, what vehicles could you see this happening to and what will be the effects on the game as a whole?

    I could imagine IG Artillery, Hydra, Manticor and Deathstrike loosing it.
    Maybe the Ork Looted Wagon. Or even all Ork vehicles, bar Walkers, and then having the ability to buy it back.
    cant really think of any more than that.
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