Hi guys! I always wondered what do they look like! I`ve read quite a few novels (Ravener, Horus Heresy for example) but never found any descriptions of non military cars or fliers or bikes. General curiosity and distant dreams to make a Necromunda gaming table with trashed vans converted into buggies finaly made me post this question. I couldn`t find any pictures.. Maybe I was digging in te wrong places.

Anyway, any info on that is VERY welcome! Thank you!
And how do you imagine busy streets in the grim da.. blah blah future?

Personaly, I view cars having a lot of angles, with no radical difference compared to what we have now (a few wheels and a Chassis), but they still vary in design. (Driver`s seat in the middle, with other space, like boot on top and passanger seats at the rear). Also I bet that metro is a main transport in most Cities of the Imperium.