So, I played a lot of 40k back in 3rd and into 4th, where the game started to loose me. I've continued to play odd games here and there through 5th and 6th, but my heart was very much not in it after a horrendously bland Dark Angels Codex caused me to dabble in pure Deathwing for a while. (I still like the 3rd ed pure Deathwing/Ravenwing rules, where it enable a full theme army but one you had to stick to rather than the special character enabling).

I still have my Dark Angels force, but even with the new book I'm not real keen on playing them as is.

In truth, I moved on the GW's other games, both Fantasy and Lord of the Rings and fell in love with how much more critical movement and dynamic play during the game is. In comparison, a lot of the 40K I've played feels more like list-building, deployment (and possibly Deep Strike), and the rest of the game is generally predictable other than for fickle dice. In comparison, I can never tell which way a LotR or Fantasy battle will tip at the beginning, at least in the group of friends I play with and barring silly scenarios.

However, my friends are more about sitting back, rolling dice and watching things explode. They enjoy the 40k tactics which are firing-line centric rather than the painstaking movements of WFB or the much subtler (but important!) strategy of LotR. So, I need a 40K army or to bow out.

For this reason, I really like the idea of playing highly mobile force. However, in general the idea of playing mechanized whatever just makes me crazy. It seems unfluffy to be taxi cabbing around, and just not my thing. So here are the options I've come up with, and I would love to hear some input across all of them (including if there is a release possible soon).

Ravenwing - the new book gave this some nice options and a bit of variety. And hey, Typhoons are useful. I do wish the DA book had a little more in it for Green Wing stuff, which had more individual character back in 3rd, but no big deal if I ring out the RW. The models look great, it will be bloody fast and lots of dakka. I like the fact too that units can be set-up to be somewhat versatile, allowing me to potentially respond in game rather than having to have a strict plan of what unit does what. I have looked at White Scars as well, though their base bikes are somewhat better with the character, I like the idea of Ravenwing more.

Space Wolves - this was the outside consideration for me, since I know they can take wolf packs and cavalry. I didn't know the book very well, and didn't realize the cavalry were 50 point/model and not really something to base an army on. No fast troop options without a rhino/razorback or making wolves troops (but non-scoring). All in all, unless I am missing something, I would just stick to DA for rhino spam.

Eldar - Playing them Saim Hann style with all jetbikes, Vypers, Grav tanks, Fireprisms, Fliers and maybe tossing in some Swooping Hawks or other units just for fun. Seems to me like the model count would be higher than RW, probably more competitive. However, each unit is less versatile than the RW force from what I can see.

Dark Eldar - Ok, I said I didn't want transport spam but Venoms are pretty sexy and pretty much fighting vehicles on their own. I lover the idea of having a ton of small units all coming together since it adds more dynamics to the army verses big blogs. Modelling wise, I might use these rules to represent independent Eldar outcasts/corsairs, and would likely work in models from the Dark Elves and Eldar ranges to give it a unique look and stick models I really like. I would probably end up taking this Venom + Wytch heavy, with bikes, Scourges, Ravagers and probably a flier. No interest in the Coven side of things.

In general - I am not considering any allies for now. I play with friends and would like to stay with a single force for balance and fluff. Allies might come later, especially if I stick to that Eldar Corsair theme.

Thanks for any input! Ask away if it seems I left something out or missed an obvious option - I definitely don't know every army out there.