Anybody else still play older rulesets?My long-time gaming circle is a fairly casual environment where we cut and paste the game rules as we like and throw out all sorts of hair-brained scenarios just for the fun of it. We were originally quite psyched about 6th edition and initially welcomed the psychic powers and return of detail to the ruleset. In recent times however the eldest of our group (56) started to bring up how much the ideas from 6th had started to slow the game down. Rolling for this, rolling for that all before the game has started and then going through the rigmarole of having to remember who has what throughout the battle. With all the e-deces and datasheets flying around the place it was almost as if 40k had gone full circle and gone back to 2nd edition where it was quite normal to reference a pile of WD and CJ articles as well as all the Datafaxes, wargear, psychic powers and strategy cards one would have to look on. So we decided it was time for a change and dug out our 4th Edition stuff. It was like a veil had been lifted from our eyes. No longer did the ruleset get in the way of enjoying the game. We enjoyed having the old attacker/defender scenarios to choose from with their variable Force Charts; we enjoyed psychic powers being relegated to another form of weaponry and we enjoyed getting rid of all the dice rolling for powers/traits/movement. In short we rediscovered 40k. Our 3 main armies are Eldar, Chaos and Witch Hunters and going back to the old books was fantastic. Whilst I will admit losing Battle Focus was hard I have since enjoyed knowing my psychic powers and Banshees being able to slice and dice across the battlefield. My long-time Chaos nemesis used the 3.5E book and his army was chaotic once again. My Sister (16) is too young to remember having a Sisters’ Codex and she was psyched to have Witch Hunters and their allies, Hereticus and Faith Powers. So, has anyone else tried this recently, and could it be an antidote to the escalation of 6th edition (lol)?