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Thread: "Remember, we just here for the loot" A Warhammer Quest Tale

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    "Remember, we just here for the loot" A Warhammer Quest Tale

    - They crept down the stone stairs as silently as possible, not daring to announce their presence to whatever foul minions lurked in the shadows. The faint glow from
    Leoric’s enchanted stone did little to illuminate the gathering dark. Jain slowly notched an arrow, gracefully pulling her bowstring taut as the small silhouette of
    Tomble spun his knives behind her.
    “He is here somewhere,” Avric whispered, “be prepared.”
    “Greetings, brave heroes,” a boisterous voice suddenly announced from the darkness. “You have come so far! ‘Tis a shame your journey ends here...”
    As the voice faded to the sound of distant cackling, dozens of monstrous shapes emerged to surround the heroes. The chamber soon rang with the sounds of battle...

    (Intro Descent Starter Booklet- I know its not Quest but I like it)

    Hey to all who read this, this log contains all that I have tried and failed and due to family commitments have started sold and now restarted again. All posts up to 50 are old and as of now old and don't have anymore. New project hence fourth is from 50 onwards, but please feel free to read my journey up to that point. - Richard

    Greetings to all now & to all those who read after, my names Richard and I'm a veteran gws player since the year of the Warhammer Fantasy Starter Kit - Bretonnian's against the Lizardmen. I've been a long time viewer of this forum, and restarted my Quest enjoyment through the great threads I've seen on this board as well my own passion. I was never able to get the game back in the day but play it at my friends. The love stayed with me to this day, where real life has taken over, house, wife, 2 year son and another due soon.

    I'm more known for my very thought out ideas and 40k wackey conversions, such as my all deffkopta bike army, My Grot Rebellion Buggies.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    or my solo models just coz I had a idea like my Nurgle Libarian in Terminator Armour or my WordBearer truescale model I just had to produce.
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    My actual hobby modelling started on my Quest project was two weeks ago, so all my work you will see is back logged for now, till the green starts rolling back in. However what I have been doing for the last two years (slowly, bit by bit) like so many before me on this forum is design and created my own cards for quest. The main reason is each time I got my hands on cards from ebay they were either fake or stuck on card with pva glue. I never had much luck, I was a art student back in college so I decided to work on my own cards using images from google, and a close friend (he knows who he is) files to get the actual look as close to the quest feel that I could get & I would be happy with.

    My project will be Quest or Quest to how I see it, my quest 3D board I'm going to make will keep the feel of the quest game but will be... little different to all other amazing projects I have seen on this forum. which I'm glad as well in respect. I couldn't really think of what dungeon I wanted to produce. Whatever project I would undertake, would be a themed dungeon at first I was going to do a ice palace with orcs in furs and earmuffs, then a dark forest of beastmen, then a vampire counts castle, sewers of morheim with skaven. Or Savage orcs jungle themed, even Tomb Kings but a lot of these ideas were taken by others or the idea didnt have a strong enough vibe for me and I didn't want to go down the same route.( No point looking at two similar themed dungeons.) Then three things when put together settled the argument, a D&D display board, the last white dwarf armies on parade and the Black Library Book "Skarsnik" really got the balls rolling on this project.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I wanted to do a themed dungeon and the characterful night goblins seem to just click for me. Creepy critters plus trolls and a bunch of night goblins I felt would be a focus approach at least to start with. I was inspired by Eboli's WHQ 3D Egyptian Dungeon and after a small conversation on the hirst art molds I was convinced this is the road for me. I found dungeoncastings a uk hirst arts mold maker which I brought a chunk of cavern bits pre-made from him(easier than making them for me with a little one around and only time to hobby is ten at night). Great customer service if you ever try them out, very helpful. Hope I haven't bored u all, hope you got the jist of what I want to do & going forward I doubt a type this much again in a single post lol.

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