Hopefully there's not another thread like this around...

Anyway, I saw the Bretonnia version and Wood Elves are really the only other army in need of an army book update (apart from Beastmen) and at the moment are fairly under par - in the general consensus of players (I think). I don't know the book that well so I've only got a couple of ideas so what do you guys think?

P.S - I'm not saying the Wood Elves are unusable by any means merely that they are one of the weakest armies out there

Ok so my 2 Cents:

Marksman Prowess - All Wood Elf models with bows may ignore penalties to hit when shooting such as Long Range, Standing and Shooting, or aiming at a target behind cover

Basically the Wood Elves, like the other two species, get a Prowess type special rule. As they are the supposed to be the finest archers in the Old World then surely they deserve a rule like this. Only problem is it's basically Arrows of Asaph turned up a notch, so maybe it's a bit OP - especially with the other rules I've had an idea about...

Always Strikes First

Doesn't really need explaining - both Dark and High Elves have this rule and it seems to be a thing now

Elven Longbows - all models equipped with LONGBOWS count the strength of their shooting as Strength 4 rather than

Think there's a rule like this already but thought I'd kind of tweak it a bit - probably a bit OP when combined with the fact Wood Elves would already hit on 3s

Glade Guard may take Shields for 1pt

Not a rule as such but would give them a bit more survivability and would mean with Asf and Hand Weapons they could double as melee troops

Right there we go that's all I've got so far. Obviously Glade Guard would probably have to be increased in points if they got all those things. I also kind of had an idea for some Wood Elves on Great Stags as Monstrous Cavalry or something...