D'ye recall the Hexwraith-related panic and cries of 'broken' which erupted around (before, in fact) the current Vampire Counts book was published?

The idea of fast cavalry that can ride through things and hit them caused a lot of people to lose their poo at the time - and then a lot of other people pointed out that, no, actually they're pretty vulnerable and fairly expensive for a gimmick.

Now, I find myself wondering what the feeling is in these enlightened times when everyone is used to them, and all - friend and foe - know what they can do and how to deal with them?

For my part I use them every game I can. Usually two units of five. One unit in small games. I like them and they rarely disappoint, even if they have never won me a game single-handed.

But I had a quick look through the VC Army List Forum and it seems most people do not. People running Hexwraiths are certainly the minority, and by a significant margin.

But then... I'm a fluff player, a fun player. A non-competative player.

So I find myself wondering how the ol' Reaper Knights are viewed by more competitive, demanding Vampire generals? And by players of other armies?