So over on the background forum we've been having a discussion on the origin of the Spyrer suits, if they're made by the Tau, if they're DAoT suits which influenced the Tau in some way, made by some other alien race associated with the Tau, etc. Whatever their origins, I think it'd be pretty neat to see them become a regular part of the standard 40k universe. For those who're unaware, these are the various Spyrer Hunters from Necromunda.

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Big and tough with a built-in force field and wrist-mounted bolt launchers.

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Light armor, agile, with a monomolecular sword and a mirror shield which absorbs the energy of a shot it deflects and redirects it back.

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Fast, can shoot webbing to pin opponents, scale walls, and have sharp claws.

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Flight, chameleonic wings, laser blaster.

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So would you like to see them in-game? And which faction would you like to see them aligned with?

The way I see it, they wouldn't make sense as a permanent part of any army. There are two possibilities, though.

1) Codex: Planetary Defense Force - A small minicodex along the lines of Codex: Inquisition. The Patriarch and Matriarch can be two HQ choices and each of the four Spyrer types can come in squads of their kind (I.E. 5 Jakara, 5 Malcadon's, etc.), most likely Elites and Fast Attack. Maybe include some PDF troops as Troops and you'd be set. Their primary alliance matrix would be Imperial aligned.
2) Codex: Tau Human Auxiliaries - Like above, except that instead of Imperial PDF troops and vehicles we'd instead see Gue'vesa in action. Humans in Carapace Armor and wielding Pulse Rifle's and Pulse Carbines among other things. They'd be Battle Brothers with the Tau Empire, appearing as a free allied detachment, while likely being Desperate Allies with Imperial forces.

So what do you folks think?