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    Warhammer Quest : Mission To complete

    The Background:-
    So its 1991, we have gone to visit family friends and I've been informed its an overnight stay. I'm 7 years old so typically I go unprepared with no form of entertainment brought from home......... I turn up to 3 children about my age eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new friend, so I'm instantly dragged off upstairs to join in a game of HeroQuest. This was my first encounter with a dungeon crawl game, an RPG and citadel miniatures all rolled into one. The figures weren't painted, and the eldest boy took the role of the GM. I didn't have a clue what was going on and the fact we were all so young probably didn't help to make for a great game ( pretty sure we didn't play by the rules ha ha ) however, it still got me interested enough to request that should my Mum see this game at any second hand shops or boot sales that she visited regularly, to pick me up a copy. She never found one and soon I forgot about it, for a while at least...........
    Fast forward a little bit to late summer 1994. I moved house to a new area recently, made a new friend a few doors down, I'm at his house one day and i see his room for the first time. He shares it with his brother and I see a desk with some shelves displaying a few miniatures, and a load of paints and Warhammer games. I sit and study them for a while, and over the coming weeks I start talking to the older brother more and more, turns out he is willing to sell me a few duplicate paints he has laying around and a couple of miniatures he didn't want, so i go hand out to Mum, she respects my decision to want to purchase these items and hands over the cash,( god help her if she didn't, I could be a little **** for sure! )
    I paint the figures (pretty badly ) and eventually I go to games workshop for the first time armed with birthday and Christmas money that probably should of been for driving lessons 8 years from now but who cares I'm barely 10 years old. I buy loads of stuff on this first visit and subsequent visits after that, including but not limited to :-
    Warhammer 40k (not long been revamped so was the main feature they were selling at the time when I visited )
    White dwarf every month for 2 years
    almost every undead figure for Warhammer fantasy at the time, things like the Lichemaster, vampire lords, hundreds of various skeletons mummies ghouls ghosts horsemen chariots you name it, I had them.
    almost every special character for the dark angels and blood angels (but strangely i never had any vehicles, don't know why they didn't interest me )
    almost every paint available including washes inks and glazes. I loved those hexagon paints and even more so the round pots before those that i had bought a few of from that friend.
    I bought Codexs, supplements Add-ons, basically anything and everything I wanted to paint. despite all this, I never actually played a proper game of Warhammer fantasy or 40k. I had a few beginner games at games workshop on various occasions and with a few friends if i could rope them in, but just never really got into the gaming side of it. Anyway, whilst amassing this mighty mountain of armies to paint i never really found much time to paint them. most of it only ever got undercoated, bits and pieces might of had a base coat now and again and a poor attempt at some highlights, but the number of actually completed models probably stood at about less than 30 models out of several hundred. This pains me even to this day that i never took the time to finish hardly anything which brings me to Warhammer Quest. The one thing I had really wanted but didn't yet have was Warhammer Quest. This was advertised massively in white dwarf and in stores when it was released and I wanted it. so I got it, along with a lot of the add on character packs, and supplements as they got released. never finished a single model from this collection, and I was most ashamed of this, as i did actually manage to rope some friends into playing it with me a few times properly, unlike the other games. I really enjoyed it, and i should of been playing with finished miniatures. anyhow, as I hit my teens Warhammer was not a cool way to get girlfriends, and i promptly turned my attention to this aspect of life instead. so...... the painful bit. in a moment of madness, I know a guy whos stepdad collects war games stuff, but hes also an ebay seller, so I donate everything I have to him. absolutely everything, except one goblin I had finished to my best standard. ( not sure if i still have this but will try and dig it out if I can? )
    no idea what he did with it, but I'm still in touch with said gentlemen, and will ask him next time I see him, but i suspect it was ebayed on the most part, as his personal interest i later find out is historic military battles. anyway lets not talk about that anymore .................
    so, last time I painted a model was 1999. The year WQ was discontinued I later find out.

    Mission 1:- Find WQ
    I'm now 28 and still pissed off i never finished that WQ set, I don't know what prompted me exactly to look it up again after all this time but i did, and what i found out really amazed me. the price of brand new sealed versions of the game were going for between 180 and 400 on selling sites. although i didn't see many, i did see the one for 180 come and go, and i actually emailed a question about the item, but by the time i clicked send, the add had disappeared, and buy it now had been used by somebody to snap it up before i had chance. I wasn't that gutted at the time as i hadn't done my research too thoroughly and didn't realize it was a bargain. So, after a month of looking for a copy to no avail at a decent price ( i figured the game was 50 when new, i wasn't gonna pay more than 100 for a perfect copy now) so during my search i stumble upon HeroQuest. this brings back memories and i buy a copy for 40 in decent condition. 1 Fimir has his axe snapped, and 1 skeleton has his scythe snapped. the weapon rack needed gluing at one end and 1 dice was missing, but other than that it was near perfect. TBH, I wasn't too fussed about HeroQuest, my only thinking was the minis would be useful for when i got a copy of WQ and it would be an easier version of the game to start out should I ever wish to actually play a game . anyway i also picked up a used copy of black reach, which I had one intention for, practicing my paintwork in preparation for my main objective. after all its been years since I've picked up a paintbrush, and I was crap then, so how bad was i gonna be now ?
    so my stuff arrived, and I log on one day I see a WQ set has been listed 5 minutes ago. I instantly email the seller upon realizing it was basically in as good as condition as I could hope for from a 15 year old game. it goes something like
    " please do a deal with me I beg you, how much to buy it now?"
    " ermmm, I think I'll let the auction run as i have no idea of its value. good luck
    " please please please sell it to me, I'll give you 100 Paypal today right now"
    morning comes.......
    he removes the listing and drives 30 miles to deliver. what a gent i thought. i asked him how much he paid, he said a tenner from the local charity shop, no wonder he was so happy but you know what i don't begrudge him, because he wasn't greedy, he could of held out and got double what i paid him but he helped me out and i got a bargain....... or so it turned out this was a pristine example of the game. in better condition than i could of imagined!!! pictures will show what a well cared for set this is.
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