DE is my new love, but I get a bit get a bit depressed when I see how the fragile glass hammer army isn't even the fastest in the game anymore, with the new Eldar codex with its battle focus and super maneuverable flyers.

Overall I think DE is fun to play, but I'd like some units to be more competitive. Mandrakes most of all. And I'd like to see wyches and other cc units get the boost they need to fulfill their cc role rather than hunting vehicles. Also, all the skimmers seem great value to me but the flyers not so much. I think they need a buff or a price drop. Maybe I'm off chart here and it's just the stupid ravager being to cheap.

Overall I'd like DE to be lightning fast and fight dirty. I'd like to see rules that gives us the initiative over all other armies in the game, as a tradeoff for being so squishy. I wonder how they will return that balance, as eldar are now such a swift force (without assault vehicles, I know), and still so much more resilient.