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Thread: The Desolation That Should Have Been

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    The Desolation That Should Have Been

    When the DoS book came out, I admit I was pretty excited. When I saw the size of the book, my excitement was diminished a bit, but I still went ahead and picked her up. Then, of course, I read through it.

    So, essentially, this wasn't the DoS: this was Mirkwood, with a smattering of Laketown. What a horrible let down. No Erebor scenarios. No other plastic kits (2 beautiful Mirkwood kits, compared with 10 AUJ kits). A bunch of Failcost, with the latest disappointments popping up a few days ago. And, of course, not a whisper of Smaug.

    So, what SHOULD have been in it? Just off the top of my head:

    Smaug, certainly (people's straw man arguments against scale notwithstanding).
    Gundabad, spiders and Laketown in plastic.
    Banners and warhorns (in Failcost, sure) for everyone who can take them (specifically, Erebor, Dale, Palace Guard).
    Rumored Laketown scenery, if not Erebor/Dale ruins.
    Much longer book, with three clearly defined sections paid attention to in art and fluff, if not outright gameplay: Mirkwood/Dol Guldur, Laketown/Dale, Erebor. This really felt like Mirkwood (great!), with a few little nods towards other stuff.
    A non-HORRIBLE Bear Beorn. Still can't believe that thing is being marketed...

    So, what else should have been in a $50 hardback Desolation of Smaug release?
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