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Thread: 28mm Modern Urban Adventures in Carnage

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    28mm Modern Urban Adventures in Carnage

    This is the companion log to my 28mm Modern Cityscape project log over in the terrain section.

    This is a project I started in 2004 after buying some SWAT team and Criminal gang miniatures from Britannia Miniatures way back when I used to work a few miles from their shop. These miniatures look horribly dated now (and they didn't look remotely state of the art back then) but they are what kicked the whole project off in the first place.

    Ten years ago I splashed some paint on them, wrote a rules set, made some basic scenery and played a few (fun) games before putting everything back in a box and (mostly) forgetting about it all. Now I've made a serious start on building a cityscape it was time to revisit the miniatures side of things.

    As these were all started in 2004 all I've had to do is some tidying, shading and highlighting. I couldn't be botheres with stripping everything and starting again so I have been stuck with my original colour scheme choices. At some point I will work on improving the bases when I decide if facing is going to be a factor in the rules set (currently it isn't).

    So here are my completed original miniatures:-

    Now that lot is out of the way it is time to paint up some of my new purchases for the project. These are some lovely TAG SWAT snipers. The proportions and detail are so much nicer than the 2004 miniatures.

    We've had a great time using some of these for the playtest of the updated rules. I'm now painting up some more elements for the game to add some more forces and broaden the scope of the game scenarios.
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