To get right to it, what would a Rogue Trader's force look like, and how would you make it?

As I'm getting my Guard together, I keep coming back to the idea of a military force led by a Rogue Trader, as described in the current 40k rulebook. It seems a neat idea, possibly characterful, but I'm not sure exactly where to go from there. Doubtless some Rogue Traders have armies of incredible proportion, others small bands of warriors, and each would likely vary wildly in composition, but I have to think that the 'average' would be best represented by IG.

But what of those IG? Would they still have Imperial Eagles on their gear? What icons of the Imperium would they have/get rid of? I imagine a well equipped private army, but is there anything in particular that would or would not fit? What changes would be appropriate? What would represent a Rogue Trader well? Perhaps just using a Guard commander as the leader of the private army? If I was to include a Trader though, what would i use?

I realize this is all kind of a mess, but I'm just musing on ideas, and appreciate any and all ideas of comments.