Thanks, Morglum. Nostalgia is what this is all about.

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Wow. I love these. Another excellent addition to your amazing project. I love the warm nostalgic feeling your units create.

I don't know if it's just because there wasn't an internet back then, but I don't remember seeing anyone at the time having lovingly converted, fully painted units like this. Most units you saw in real life were a bit rag-tag and badly done (including mine!) - the only nice ones were in the pages of White Dwarf, and they were just in the familiar 'Eavy Metal style. So to see real life, massive units, properly done up in all their pageantry is really great.

It's what we all dreamed of doing ourselves, but never had the time/dedication/skill to do. So it's like: you ticking off one of your hobby life goals vicariously ticks mine off too! Thank you!
Thanks (and you're welcome )! The rag-tag units is very much young me as well. I think free 'time' hasn't really changed that much, if anything it is less now than as a care-free youngster. 'Skill' maybe, though practice is probably the better word. 'dedication' is the key word. By which I mean much less dedication on my end to alcohol, loud music and other unsavory pursuits.