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That's an interesting test of the white contrast paint - your results came out great but I can appreciate you may not be happy with how it 'handles'. I haven't dipped my toe into contrasts - I'll admit that I'm reluctant to 'learn' another method of painting at this point. What's your take on that having used them?

The Khornites look great too, and I liked your creation of Empire lancers.

Some minor critique and I really hope you don't mind - perhaps take a bit more time with the base rims? I always run a needle file over them before I paint to remove any burs and sand/ glue that will appear after painting. Its also appearing streaky in some places BUT this is minor, I just thought I should mention to make your stuff even nicer!

you are totally right regarding the base rims. Pretty sure I forgot the second coat AND did not clean off the sand. Don't let me get away with sloppiness!

Regarding contrast paints, they are advertised as 'spray paint white, then apply one thick coat of the contrast paint of your choice'. so, there really isn't much to learn. In my hands the browns (wyrdwood, fyreslayer and skeleton horde) work quite well. I've used them for all kinds of wood planking, also for skeletons. The contrasts mix well with each other so you can get all kinds of brownish shades. Basically you don't need to do a basecoat with brown and a final dry brush with a lighter color (which I usually do when using 'regular' washes) is rather optional as well.

Outside of the browns I tried warpstone which is so green and so intense I've really found no use for it other than ....warpstone (can't blame GW for false advertising). and now the white which as discussed I found disappointing. Seems to me these contrast paint flow largely like a wash but have really intense colors and so will do something to raised areas as well. In the ideal case that leads to a smooth color gradient from light up high to dark in the recesses that would be much more work to achieve with just regular paints.

I think codsticker is right that a lot of the contrast colors might be useful to quickly paint 'hard' surfaces like space marine armor and the like. Though, the intensity of the colors makes me wonder if you could to a quick&awesome lizardmen army as well. I bet somebody has.

Note that I do not claim to be an artist or masterful wielder of mighty brushes. just a guy how likes to paint up his toy soldiers for gaming.