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Thread: The Empire Road to Volganof... with chaotic interludes

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    Re: The Empire Road to Volganof... with chaotic interludes

    Belated thanks, Ragsta. cheers!

    Why would it take so long to update? Not sure, I think taking pictures just isn’t my favorite thing to do (though posting pictures and chatting a bit with you certainly is). Well, I have been painting over the last couple month and some of it was Empire, so here we go, the promised Blazing Sun Knights:
    A unit mostly with the old command here

    And then not quite as old here

    The latter are from a Blazing Sun upgrade pack that come out much later than the plastic knights. I always liked the bits but it seemed a bit pricey for what it was and then it was gone. Then for years one could spend a fortune on email if any came up at all and so I bid my time (…or rather just gave up). Until, one random day, a fine gentlemen going by gorfung on EEFL and elsewhere just stumbled upon some in a lonely hobby store somewhere in the frozen north that had a treasure trove of old GW. And, instead of making a fortune on email he passed it on to fellow hobbyists at cost. This of course meant painting up all the old metal Blazing sun I had in my stash and filling up the units with plastic knights to make use of the two commands.

    So, Grandmaster facing off. very old on the left and less old but still old by now (and technically a unit champion) on the right.

    And standard bearers

    And musicians

    (okay fine, there was no musician for the original set, that one is a hack job)

    Lastly troopers, some sit in the saddle a bit better than others. I did go full on green stuff/mold to make enough of the shields. Helps give the unit a bit more character.

    This completes my tetrad of the 4th edition Knightly Orders. One hobby life goal off the list.

    Upward and onward!
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