Ok Im new to Warhammer 40k and I started CSM army of World Eaters but I have a few questions that I want ppl with more experience can maybe help me out,
To my understanding the "bunny ears" helmet was part of the world eaters theme , not just for the berzerkers, looking in the lexicanum world eaters theme you see the shoulder pad insignia , colors and helmet, so I guess that's the world eaters theme of the whole warband ? Also the forge world World Eaters Conversion Set says "Ten Replacement shoulder pad sets, heads and torsos for the plastic Chaos Space Marines, depicting World Eaters and Khorne iconography" so why some people and even Games workshop refer to it as " khorne berzerkers upgrade paks"? ??? => here http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/wn...id=5900002-gws I know for a fact that all the world eaters are not berzerkers , also not all berzerkers are world eaters. Can someone share some light here ? Thank u

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