Greetings all!

This isn't strictly a log but hopefully more of a handy public service announcement for all you Guard players who are considering wheeling up their Taurox.

The good news is elements of the Ork trukks will work very well; there's plenty of bitz websites out there if you don't want to commit to a whole trukk so if you wanted to keep the conversions strictly GW components for tournaments then it can be done.

I've had a bit of a dry run using what I've got in my bitz boxes so hopefully the pictures and me waffling will cover most of your unanswered (and unasked) questions

You can see the chassis of the trukk is longer than the Taurox but when you have the top plates on etc, they should both be about as wide as each other.

Ground clearance wise, both about about as high as each other from tabletop to the bottom of the chassis.

The large rear trukk wheels are roughly the same height as the rear Taurox tracks, the front tracks the same as the small front trukk wheels. The wheels and tracks are both about the same thickness.

It wouldn't be too difficult to cut down the trukk axles and fit them into the suspension for the Taurox. You could happliy leave the 'U' shaped plugs and pin the cut down axles into the space.

Side view of small front wheels and rear big wheels from the trukk on the Taurox hull. The wheels are tacked roughly in place where the 'U's on the suspension are so you can see how it all works. I did try small wheels on the front and rear but there was too much space between the wheel cover and the rear wheel.

This one I've tried the double front axle from the Ork Battlewagon as the rear wheels turning the Taurox into a six wheeler. I think it works fairly well but has the obvious drawback of extending past the chassis. This could also be done just using both of the large rear wheel axles from the trukk but would require a bit of extra work (extending the hull, linking it all up etc).

The same as above but top down so you can see how far it extends. It does have the advantage of putting it on par with the Ork trukk in terms of length but only if you want to put the work in extending the hull.

Also just to mention, the track links on the Taurox are smaller than the track links on the Russ/Chimera so you won't be able to swap them round. The turret ring/top hatch hole on the Taurox is larger than a Space Marine tanbk cupola and slightly smaller than the Guard one on the tank accessory frame. A small amount of filing the turret ring will fix this. The track units would work pretty well converting Rapiers but as they have track guards moulded onto the top, it would be a bit of an effort to flip them upside down and fix if you wanted them the correct way round.

The rear round hatch of the Taurox is about the same size as the turret plate for the Razorback/Whirlwind/Battlewagon large turret/Planetstrike AA guns. Again a small amount of filing will allow it to fit but you would have to strip a lot of raised detail off... A rear mounted Whirlwind launcher might look pretty cool though

I would include a breakdown comparison with a Chimera and Battlewagon; some of the hull lines/angles of the Battlewagon cabin are very similar to the Taurox cabin but I don't have enough bitz of either kit to do this (having glued them to many, many other things...). If anyone can do this, feel free to dump them here!