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Thread: Army idea (curious regarding views of more experienced WH40K gamers)

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    Army idea (curious regarding views of more experienced WH40K gamers)

    I'm currently putting together my first WH40K army (Tau) and I have been thinking of some allies to go with them. I want to lay my ideas out here and see what you guys think. Please point out any problems or share your opinions on the idea. If I'm making heinous fluff violations or in anyway creating something that would make you cringe when I lay it down on the tabletop I'd like to know about it!

    The main army will be Tau and the allies I want to put with them are Space Marines.

    A contingent from the T'au sept led by a small group of Ethereal who have setup a forward station right at the edge of the Tau Empire. This forward station takes the form of a sizeable battle station nestled in an asteroid belt near an ex-Imperial world. This forward station is host to a large contingent of Earth Castle scientists and engineers selected for their talent and then isolated to ensure the secrecy of the projects undertaken. The station is led by a high ranking Ethereal with some serious ambitions and some of his followers in the Ethereal caste. The primary manpower for the forward station is fire warriors chosen primarily for their families longstanding and loyal service to the stringent demands of the Greater Good.

    The station is essentially an 'area 52' for the Tau where this influential Ethereal has setup a quasi-secret lab to conduct experiments that the greater body-politic of the Tau don't need to hear about unless they are successful. The lab has access to some serious resources and has a significant sway over the surrounding regions (with the nearby Gue'vesa worlds administered by individuals with ties to those leading this Lab).

    One of the most ambitious, and successful, projects currently being undertaken in this station is the genetic manipulation of the Gue'vesa. While engineering the Tau themselves was currently politically undesirable (don't mess with the caste!) and technologically difficult the Humans were a different story. After capturing Space Marines and studying their geneseed the top Earth Caste scientists have managed to do some reverse-engineering and begun seeing positive results in Human subjects. While strength and stamina have been improved some additional elements from the Tau physiology have been spliced into the mix as well - to ensure cooperation with the Ethereals. The Ethereals are trying to create Space Marines of their own who will be obedient to their rule and the cause of the Greater Good.

    Product testing is now underway and early batches, selected from the most loyal of the Gue'vesa recruited from birth for the role, are undergoing field trials.

    Main army:
    For the main force I would be using Tau from the farsight enclave supplement. I picture this force as having access to some serious resources and being the most loyal of the fire warriors: the increased access to crisis suits and the compulsory bonding knife fit this perfectly. I also see this force as valuing its secrecy and being very careful about the fights it gets involved in: for this reason the ability to fill my elite choices with stealth suits and still access crisis suits is moving me towards the farsight enclave supplement.

    I would probably be looking at an army make up like this:
    HQ: commander (Ethereal comes in at larger games to represent forces from the station being deployed for matters more serious than a feild test - say the defence of a local world, capturing new subjects required for experimentation, or to prevent the Imperial Inquisition from finding out what's going on and bringing down the holy wrath of a trillion zealots on their heads).
    Elite: Stealth squads (I picture the riptides as being too big and obvious for most of this armies missions - but again, something deployed when a serious fight is at hand and stealth is a secondary concern)
    Troops: Crisis suits, Fire Warriors with devilfish. In a big game where the Ethereal is pulling in allies from everywhere I could see Kroot coming in - but overall I think they wouldn't fit (the fact that these battles are taking place at all isn't something the command wants as common knowledge).
    Fast attack: Pretty much everything from this category fits and I will sample at leisure. Pathfinders seem to be a 1+ given the theme.
    Heavy support: Sniper squads look likely, the broadsides perhaps a little slow - but not completely out of the question, overall I think everything here could work.

    Allied army:
    I'm thinking standard space marines, primarily (or even only) using tactical squads. Just some basic space marines representing the brand new ultra-loyal ultra-tough 'Ultra Gue'vesa'.

    Colour scheme and models:
    Straight T'au colours - from the box. Already got my first 20 fire warriors done:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_8517.JPG 
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    Models for the Tau would be standard WH40k. However, for the Gue'vesa I want something quite different. I want the Tau's take on imperial kit and I'm thinking of using these models:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Enf2.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Enf1.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Enf3.jpg 
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    I think with the same colour scheme as my Tau they would look just right - a different race with similar, but not identical, tech. Essentially the Tau have, like with the Kroot, used what the Gue'vesa had but this time with a significantly higher 'Tauification'. I also like the 'energy blades' on the end of these models fists - the Tau's fresh take on what might be useful for melee-capable troops.

    Below is another army I'd like to do as an enemy of this army:

    Thanks for any thoughts and feedback!
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